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Q—Isn’t my auditor paid to clean up my books?

A—No. They are your books. Just read the audit opinion letter on your last audit report. More important, if the auditor cleans up your books they would be auditing their own work. This is not permitted.

Q—Won’t your Preaudit services increase the cost of the audit?

A—No. By preparing the books for the audit and assembling workpapers for the auditor, the time the auditor spends on the audit will be reduced. Time is money.

Q—Why don’t you perform audits?

A—Audits are a very specialized service. There are many fine firms performing them. We have chosen to be on the organization’s side in the audit.

Q—Do you prepare tax returns?

A—No. Again this is a specialty best left to experts. We concentrate on doing what we do best.


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