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The secret to an efficient, timely and reasonably priced audit is preparation. When the auditor arrives he/she would like to have all the required materials ready. This usually happens when the chief accountant is busy with the start of a new year. We can provide the time and talent to get through the audit quickly, economically and with the least amount of pain. Among our pre-audit services are the following:

  • Final general journal entries
  • Reconciliation of sub-ledger accounts to the general ledger
  • Preparation of audit confirmation letters
  • Cleanup of the trial balance
  • Assembly of workpapers supporting account balances
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Footnote preparation
  • Internal control narratives and flowchart

By being ready for the audit when the auditor walks in the audit will go faster and more smoothly. The accounting staff will be saved much of the trouble it encounters during an audit. The audit will be delivered on schedule. Everyone will be happier.

Focus Accounting Solutions can provide the comfort that comes from being prepared.


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