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Our principal, Richard Baumgardner, has many years of experience as an auditor, controller and CFO. He has experienced both sides of the auditor/company relationship. He spent 12 years as an auditor for a large local public accounting firm. While there about 50% of his clients were not-for-profits; 50% for-profit companies. He has been the controller/CFO of three organizations, two not-for-profits and one for-profit service company. He is qualified in the following industries:

  • Not-for-profits
  • Service companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Pension plans

During his years as an auditor Richard spent many hours organizing audit materials that should have been prepared by his clients. He also helped them make decisions on accounting policy and procedures. He had an opportunity to see many ways of doing things, some better than others, and making judgments as to what works and what does not. When he became a controller/CFO Richard had the opportunity to put his ideas into action. He found that efficiencies could be achieved through better organization and use of electronic tools such as the internet, email, Excel and Outlook. He learned that the foundation of good financial statements is a well organized record-keeping and decision-making regimen. He also discovered that good internal control is possible in a small accounting department.

Richard has called the Tampa Bay area his home for most of his life. He lives in Clearwater.


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